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Stratco® Ambient® Blinds in Perth

Ultimate In Stylish Outdoor Blinds

Stratco® Ambient® Outdoor Blinds look great on all outdoor areas and windows, and provide the ultimate external screening solution to outdoor lifestyle issues such as sun glare, heat control, UV protection, privacy, and even insect control. These high-quality outdoor blinds are available in a wide range of styles, and are an excellent way to further enhance your home lifestyle all year-round. Specially designed for alfresco entertaining areas, Stratco® Ambient® Outdoor Blinds attractively integrate into your patio or pergola design style

Stratco Ambient Outdoor Blinds Ultimate In Stylish Outdoor Blinds

Wire guided, semi-restrained

AMBIENT® WINDSOR Blinds wire guided, semi-restrained

If you prefer a simple ‘casual’ style of outdoor living, and need better sun protection while allowing breezes to flow, then the WINDSOR is ideal for you.

This semi-restrained exterior blind runs on durable marine-grade stainless steel wire guides to offer freer side ventilation and more tolerance of blustery coastal weather conditions.

Compatible with all fabric colours and openness factors,and while operable with a motor, the WINDSOR is ideallysuited for either manual operation or crank operation.

Fully side restrained

AMBIENT® REGENT Blinds fully side restrained

If you want to create the perfect indoor/outdoor entertaining or living area without being at the mercy of the elements, then the REGENT is the ideal choice. Offering an improved sealing, fully-enclosed design for a neater finish and the best breeze, splash and insect control.

These fully restrained outdoor blinds for pergolas in Perth utilise a zip welded to the sides of the blind running invisibly within custom fitted Aluminium side-tracksto give a very tidy appearance and tighter screen holding.

Compatible with all fabric colours and openness factors. Completely compatible with a remote operated motor swell as manual operation and crank operation.

Channel guided, semi-restrained

AMBIENT® CHELSEA Blinds channel guided, semi-restrained

Chelsea has the look of a fully restrained blind, but only the weight bar is restrained in the system which makes them ideal for retrofitting. The fabric sits neatly in the channel and is free to move in and out of the channel putting less pressure on the whole system.

Use and installation is best suited for applications that are protected from the wind. When installed with locks and controlled by either a Crank or Motor, back tension can be applied helping to keep the fabric taut. If the fabric is out of the track, simply raise and lower the blind to reseat it.

Chelsea is a functional and extremely attractive unit with crisp bold square lines complimenting much of today’s outdoor architectural trends and would be a perfect addition to any alfresco living space.

Straight drop, unrestrained

AMBIENT® STRAND Blinds straight drop, unrestrained

Looking for outdoor blinds for a pergola or Stratco® patio at your Perth home? Choosing the STRAND will give you the ultimate in premium fabrics with the most DIY friendly solution to outdoor screening for your alfresco area.

The STRAND has no guides, channels or zips to worry about in installation, meaning it is better suited to applications where fixing side rails is difficult.

Add the optional Spring Clip to hold the blind firm at the bottom in tandem with a crank drive to provide a bit of tension and you will be the envy of your friends, especially when you tell them you installed the blinds yourself.

Fully enclosed headbox or open style

Ambient® blind with a low profile and fully enclosed headbox or open style

You can choose to have your Ambient® blind with a low profile, rigid Aluminium headbox which neatly covers the retracted blind completely, or choose an open style where the rolled blind will remain visible. Either choice is compatible with all styles and all other fabrics or drive mechanism choices.

Fabric Range

Colour Choice

Choose from 12 different colours, from glare-reducing dark greys to clean and sun-reflecting creams and many natural tones in between to match or contrast with your existing décor.

Fabric Types

You can select from 3 Openness Factors
(tightness of the fabric weave):

  • 1% OPENNESS for excellent breeze control and privacy,
  • 5% OPENNESS for a popular combination of shading, privacy and views, to suit your specific need,
  • 15% OPENNESS for excellent shading while retaining great views.

All Ambient® Blinds are made from very durable fabric to stand up to the harsh Australian conditions.

The tear resistant, PVC coated Polyester fabric is both UV tolerant and mould and mildew resistant, while all seams are nonsagging, high-frequency welded for a long beautiful service life.

When choosing your fabric colour it is helpful to note that darker colours reduce glare, while paler colours reflect more sunlight and reduce heat loading. Also the higher openness fabrics offer clearer views while the smaller openness fabrics offer greater privacy.

When you’re ready to chat about your transforming your outdoor area with Stratco® Ambient® Outdoor Blinds, book a free onsite quote with Aussie Patio Designs on 08 9354 8000.

Interest Free Finance

You can now own a new Aussie Patio with Interest Free Finance

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