How to Keep a Cool Patio in the Perth Summer

How to Keep a Cool Patio in the Perth Summer

With the sudden wave of record-setting temps in Perth, it’s no wonder “how to cool patio in summer” has become such a popular search entry.

If you need some extra help staying cool in this scorching heat, we put together our best tips on keeping a summer patio cool.

10 Tips on How to Cool Patio in Summer

1. Make a DIY Summer Patio Cooling Bar

If you’re looking for natural ways to keep a patio cool, our top recommendation is to start with a portable, ice-filled cooler. There may be more effective patio cooling tips on our list, but this idea is cheap and can offer you immediate relief from the heat while you research more intensive options.

You can keep it as simple as filling a portable cooler with ice, your favourite snacks, popsicles, or some frozen drinks. Or buy a traditional ice box.

Make sure to include some fun add-ins for your water, such as sliced lemon, lime, or strawberries, frozen blueberries, ice cubes, sprigs of mint, and sliced cucumber. Then sip away and stay hydrated as you research more ways to keep a patio cool.

Having food and drinks on hand also eliminates the need to go back and forth from your house to your patio to grab stuff, ensuring the interior of your house stays cooler.

2. Get Green

Another easy way to keep your summer patio naturally cooler is with plants. They look beautiful (which is why we included them in our patio decorating tips article) and also offer cooling benefits.

When you add potted plants to your patio or plant bushes around it, you can enjoy the natural cooling power of transpiration. When your surroundings heat up, plants release extra water from their leaves. This water evaporates and naturally cools the air around you.

3. Get a Patio Umbrella

Another easy way to stay cooler despite the Perth heat is with a patio umbrella. Umbrellas are easy to obtain, can be adjusted according to the sun’s position, and can make a huge difference in feeling more comfortable while enjoying your patio.

A patio umbrella will also protect your skin from harsh UV rays. However, umbrellas do have their limitations, such as lack of durability and inability to cover larger areas. That’s where our next tip on how to cool patio in summer.

4. Install a Patio Roof

A patio roof offers protection from UV rays, shade, and the chance to relax outside even when temperatures are scorching. If you are interested in having a patio roof installed, feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule a free consultation.

5. Install Outdoor Blinds

Along with added privacy, outdoor blinds are incredibly effective at keeping a summer patio cool. The best outdoor blinds block out the sun while still maintaining good airflow. We carry a range of outdoor blinds that reduce sun glare while still allowing cooling airflow.

6. Use Area Rugs

There’s nothing worse than stepping out onto your patio and feeling like the soles of your feet are burning up. Area rugs add character and charm while also offering protection for your feet in areas of the floor that are in the sun.

7. Add a Water Feature

We love patio decorations that are beautiful and functional. And a water feature is the perfect example.

Just the presence of water can help keep you cooler. Water fountains can be mentally calming, visually stunning, and help cool the air around you through evaporation.

8. Get a Misting System

If you’re absolutely done with the sweltering days and want to naturally cool your patio, we’ve got a can’t-fail method: A misting system.

Patio misting systems spray an extremely fine mist of water, helping to cool the air in your patio without dampening your furniture or clothes. You can choose a patio umbrella with a built-in misting system or a stand-alone misting system.

In a pinch, grab a spray bottle and mist your face, neck, chest, and forearms with it to naturally lower your body temperature and get some fast heat relief.

9. Install Fans

Outdoor fans provide instant relief with a cooling breeze and air circulation. They can also keep annoying flies and bugs at bay.

If you are designing a patio, ask about having fans installed during construction. Or, add a freestanding fan or hanging fan to help circulate air and stay cooler.

10. Consider Paint Colours

If you are planning a new patio, now is the ideal time to pick strategic paint colours. A white or light-coloured roof will help naturally keep your patio cooler. You can also opt for light-coloured fabrics and accents on your patio to help your decorations absorb less heat.

Keep cool patio


Where should I build a summer patio so it naturally stays cool?

If you are in the planning and design stages of your custom patio, now is a great time to consider how the location will affect your summer patio’s temperature. Consider where the sun hits and what spots get the most shade. If keeping a cool summer patio is a high priority for you, we can carefully assess which location will best suit your goals.

How do I reduce the heat on my patio?

The easiest, fastest ways to keep a cool summer patio include:

  • Add an umbrella
  • Add some plants
  • Run a fan
  • Bring an ice-filled cooler out with snacks and drinks
  • Swap out dark coloured decorations and accents for lighter tones

How do I choose the right patio furniture to keep cool?

If your patio is exposed to sunlight, be especially careful to avoid metal furniture. Metal absorbs heat and can become dangerously hot. To keep your summer patio cool, you’ll also want to avoid dark-coloured materials, as these also absorb heat.

Instead, opt for light-coloured fabrics, materials such as canvas or wicker, and natural fibres (cotton, hemp, jute).

Are there specific types of plants or greenery that can help naturally cool a patio area?

Almost any potted plants will help keep your summer patio cool but we recommend species native to WA, such as:

  • Native Hibiscus (Alyogyne huegelii)
  • Scarlet Honey Myrtle (Melaleuca fulgens)
  • Angled Lobelia (Lobelia anceps)
  • Red Boronia (Boronia heterophylla)

Beat the Heat With a Custom Perth Patio from Aussie Patio Designs

If you’re looking to construct the ultimate outdoor space that lets you relax no matter how hot our Perth summer gets, get in touch with us to schedule your free on-site consultation.

We know all the tips and tricks for designing and installing patios that are built to withstand the harsh Australian elements and keep Perth homeowners comfortable throughout the seasons.

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