Stratco Outback Curved Patios

Stratco® Outback Curved Patios

If you are looking for architectural uniqueness, the curved patio is for you.

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Stratco Outback Curved Patios in Perth

The Stratco Outback curved patio looks fantastic on any home.

The Stratco® Curved patio is appropriate for every house looking to add aesthetic architecture to their outdoor area.

Is It for You?

If you are looking for architectural uniqueness, the curved patio is for you. It transforms your outdoor area, adding a new level of privacy whilst also protecting you from all elements of the weather.

The Stratco® Outback Curved patio is manufactured with Australian made steel, so you can rest assured that it is built to last.

The Stratco® Brand

Aussie Patio Designs are proud authorised dealers of the Stratco® Brand, a patio designer brand that is well-loved by the Australian population.

Stratco Outback Curved Patio
Stratco Outback Curved PatioClear Panels on a Stratco Outback Curved Patio

The Benefits of Stratco®

Stratco® products are innovative, long-lasting and attractive. Their patios are high-quality and attractive, and their range is varied in order to meet the needs of many Australians.

When compared to other systems available on the market, it is clear that Stratco® actively considers its customers. For example, Stratco® offers two guarantees.

The first is a fifteen-year structural guarantee, which gives you peace of mind with the performance of the product. The second is a one-year installation guarantee when the unit is installed by an authorised outback dealer.

Alongside this, the Stratco® Outback system is fully engineered and certified to ensure compliance with relevant Australian standards.

Stratco® products are also inherently more attractive than their counterparts. For example, their beams are smooth and refined and come together cleanly. Their gutters complement the design of the deck, where other gutters may be unattractive and not clean. Even their columns, which are flute designed, add strength to the structure. These aspects are not often visible in their market counterparts.


The curved patio can be custom designed to suit your exact requirements. This way, it will add value to your home, whilst also meeting your needs.

The team at Aussie Patio Designs can customise a Stratco® Outback Curved patio to suit the needs of your family today and into the future.


If you have any questions about the Stratco® Outback Curved patio and how it can work for you, book your free patio consultation and contact Aussie Patio Designs today.

rear view of a Stratco Outback Curved Patio

It’s our 20 yrs experience that sets us apart

From creating the perfect design to installing the finished product, Aussie Patio Designs offers a one-stop-shop that will make sure your patio looks stunning. It’s just as well our patios give you shelter from the summer sun and winter rain, because you’ll want to use your patio all-year round.

Locally owned and operated, we’re committed to providing a truly personal, bespoke service with our great quality, made-to-measure products. Call us for a free quote today, and find out how we could transform your home.

Looking to extend your property?

Finding the cost of adding an additional room too high? Why not add a patio that can be utilised all year round?
Cover from the hot sun in summer, warm and versatile extra space in winter. With the installation of café blinds you can make this the ultimate space in your home ideal for year round entertainment come rain or shine

But don’t take our word for it, view our customer testimonials.

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Optional extras for your new patio

At Aussie Patio Designs we offer more than just patios. As all of our patio’s are custom designed we can offer a huge range of optional extras to really make your patio something special.





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Easy Turn Key Process

1 – Connect

Book your free patio consultation today and contact Aussie Patio Designs

2 – Consult

Once we have completed an onsite assessment and measurement we can discuss your patio options to help you choose the best patio for your home and family.

3 – Design

During the design process we will work hard to ensure your patio is perfect.  Our designs are also submitted to your local council and shire for approval and building permit.

4 – Build

Once your patio is delivered our team will arrive on site and start the necessary works to start construction.  Depending on the size of your new patio building could take 3-5 days.

5 – Enjoy

Your new patio designed and installed by us, enjoyed by you and your family all year round come rain or shine

5 Star Reviews

Rating Reviews

I was very impressed with the company. No hassle and very friendly workers. My patio is built and everything left neat and tidy.

Mary – Ferndale

Rating Reviews

The patios look great. It makes my backyard look great. It is in front of the pool a great space and it entertains the guests and we love our new patio. These service men are very reliable. I went to the shops and came back and everything was running smoothly. This is a great business for busy people and people who like somewhere to relax.

Leo – Attadale

Rating Reviews

Great guys who worked hard and always cleaned up at the end of the day.

Rochelle – Bull Creek

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