15 Patio Furniture Ideas to Create an Outdoor Oasis

15 Patio Furniture Ideas to Create an Outdoor Oasis

Patios are an amazing way to add value and function to a home. Whether you want a fun entertaining space, a relaxing spot for outdoor dining, or a cosy reading corner, patios are amazingly versatile.

Need a little inspiration for your patio?

We’ve got 15 patio furniture ideas that are easy to incorporate, affordable, and ready to transform your outdoor space into a tranquil retreat.

Here are our favourite patio furniture ideas to make your patio functional, inviting, and relaxing.

1. Outdoor Sectional

An outdoor sectional is number one on our list of the best patio furniture for a reason. Sectionals are perfect for entertaining large groups, ideal for relaxing, and a great way to create a welcoming outdoor space. They are also versatile and can often be arranged in different configurations depending on how you are using the space that day.

2. Daybed

The words ‘lounging’ and ‘patio’ simply belong together. Whether you are soaking up some sun after a dip, catching a quick afternoon nap, or lounging in the shade on a hot summer day with a book, daybeds are as relaxing as it gets. If needed, daybeds also double as bench-type seating for guests when you’re entertaining a large group.

3. Egg Chair

If creating the ultimate reading spot is a top priority for your patio, you’ve probably already considered an egg chair. These iconic furniture pieces are synonymous with cosy reading nooks.

With their stylish appeal and inviting comfort, egg chairs are a great way to add interest and function to your patio. Choose stationary for more standard seating or opt for a swinging egg chair for a seating option that is incredibly relaxing and soothing.

4. Plush Seating Options

Outdoor seating is often associated with hard, uncomfortable furniture pieces, but this doesn’t need to be the case. Many modern patio furniture pieces feature updated technology that creates increased resistance to weather and heavy use. This means you can now find plush patio furniture options that just beg to be relaxed in.

One of our favourites? Quality bean bag chairs. This is a surprisingly affordable option that is about as comfortable as you can get for napping, relaxing, or reading. Beanbags contribute to a carefree appeal that will suit many patio styles.

5. Wicker Seating

Wicker and rattan chairs are quintessential to just about any patio. With its natural vibe and interesting texture, woven furniture adds instant appeal to an outdoor space.
Wicker furniture can also be found in a wide range of design options and colours.

While it is more expensive, synthetic wicker is constructed from moisture proof resins that hold up better to the elements. If your patio area is fairly exposed, it may be worth investing in synthetic wicker.

6. Pillows

Whether you opt for a sectional, daybed, egg chair, or wicker seating, don’t forget the pillows! Pillows are one of the easiest ways to transform your patio into an extension of your house. Along with comfort and function, pillows add a pop of colour and personality to outdoor entertaining areas.

7. Outdoor Dining Table and Chairs

If you’re a BBQ enthusiast like us, a dining table and chairs are a non-negotiable part of a patio. Larger patios look great with a heavy-duty rectangular table and quality chairs.

For small patios with minimal space, opt for a round table with a few slim folding chairs. Be sure to add a centerpiece or flower arrangement to create a welcoming outdoor dining experience.


8. Firepit

We’d argue that there is nothing cosier or more inviting than a firepit. Even when it isn’t lit, there’s something welcoming about a firepit for your patio. With a variety of options, such as propane, electric, or natural gas, a patio firepit can instantly add a stylish ambiance to your outdoor space.

Of course, check local safety regulations and make sure to follow any necessary clearance requirements to keep your patio area safe.

9. Coffee Table

A coffee table is an indispensable piece of outdoor furniture. Along with making the space look more welcoming, coffee tables add instant style and function and feel like an extension of your indoor living space.

For larger spaces, a rectangular coffee table can fill the area nicely and provide ample surface area. For areas with limited space, a small square coffee table can provide function without being too bulky.

10. Area Rug

Another way to create an outdoor space that mimics a cosy, inviting interior space is with an area rug. Choose a bold design or unique pattern to add a pop of interest and personality to your patio. Opt for a rug specifically made for outdoor use to ensure it can hold up to heavy foot traffic, dirt, and sun.

11. Side Table or Garden Stool

Garden stools and side tables are the perfect mix of function and looks. Side tables are highly versatile and can be used as:

  • A plant stand
  • A space to set drinks
  • A place to kick up your feet
  • A spot to set your book
  • A spot for a potted plant
  • Extra seating in a pinch

12. Portable Patio Furniture

Portable patio furniture is key for a functional patio, especially if you frequently entertain guests. A rolling bar cart is a versatile piece that can hold coasters, drinks, outdoor dishes, or decorative items. It can easily be repositioned as needed and serve a variety of purposes depending on the day.

13. Countertops and Cabinets

Most patios automatically have a grill. But why not take it a step further and upgrade your patio space into an outdoor kitchen?

Adding some simple seating, a cabinet or two for storage, and a stone countertop can create an outdoor kitchen that will have you wanting to cook outside any chance you get.

14. Wrought Iron Furniture

If durability and longevity are your priority for patio furniture, look no further than wrought iron pieces. With high durability and a timeless appeal, wrought iron furniture is an excellent choice for creating a functional, appealing patio.

For a classic yet modern appeal, opt for black pieces. Or, paint your wrought-iron furniture with a bold pop of colour to add personality to your outdoor space. As long as the finish is maintained, wrought iron furniture can hold up well year-round.

15. Cedar Furniture

For another excellent option in terms of durability and longevity, consider cedar patio furniture. Varieties such as northern white cedar and western red cedar are highly durable, naturally resistant to insects, and gorgeous to look at.

To maximise the lifespan of your cedar patio furniture, treat it with a mildew-resistant, water-repelling, deep-penetrating stain.

More Tips for Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Patio

More Tips for Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Patio

Create the ultimate spot for hanging out, relaxing, and entertaining with these tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles, finishes, or materials
  • Instantly transform your patio with several low-maintenance potted plants
  • Opt for water-repellent, outdoor-specific furniture to ensure it is constructed to handle UV rays and heavy use
  • Get creative and showcase your personality with unique pieces
  • Hang some string lights or add candles to create an inviting atmosphere for evening entertaining
  • Add a bold, show-stopping conversation piece
  • Opt for chlorine-proof and weatherproof options for poolside seating
  • For large patios, use seating, tables, and area rugs to create designated sections for lounging, dining, or sitting by a fireplace

Create Your Dream Outdoor Space with Our Custom Patio Designs

Dreaming of upgrading your outdoor space with a custom patio? We’ve helped hundreds of happy customers bring their patio ideas to fruition and we’d love to help with yours!

We offer a range of patio design options to suit any home. From a spacious, airy gable patio that begs for get-togethers and parties to a sleek, modern flat patio for lounging outside, we can transform your outdoor space into a calming retreat.

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