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Explore our Patio Guides for essential tips on patio upkeep, cleaning, renovations, and management. Whether you’re wondering about patio maintenance, renovation needs, or cleaning solutions, find practical advice to keep your outdoor space in top shape. Make informed decisions and effectively manage your patio with our expert insights.

As a patio owner, keeping your outdoor space in top shape is simple with these tips and guides. Regular cleaning, damage checks, and sealant application are essential. Protect furniture, manage plants, and prepare for different seasons. Prevent weeds and conduct regular inspections to ensure a beautiful and functional patio year-round.

Our custom Perth patios are incredibly durable, high quality, and built to last. But just like the rest of your home, patios need regular maintenance to protect your investment.

So you’ve chosen to add an outdoor entertaining area to your Perth home. Great choice! A custom patio opens up a brand new world of outdoor enjoyment. Rather than hiding out inside to escape the harsh afternoon sun, a patio creates a comfortable space to entertain friends and family or lounge in the shade even […]

With the sudden wave of record-setting temps in Perth, it’s no wonder “how to cool patio in summer” has become such a popular search entry. If you need some extra help staying cool in this scorching heat, we put together our best tips on keeping a summer patio cool. 10 Tips on How to Cool […]


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