Patio Ideas

Explore our ‘Patio Ideas’ category for creative and inspiring designs to transform your outdoor space. Discover a range of styles and ideas to draw inspiration from to help you create your own backyard oasis.

As your starting line, we recommend the following ideas from selecting the right furniture to maximise comfort and functionality, choosing materials and plants that complement your home’s architecture, and incorporating lighting for ambiance. Our blog also offer tips and décor ideas to help you create a personal haven. Perfect for homeowners looking to transform their outdoor space.

Carports are a popular, affordable solution for protecting valuables and vehicles from the harsh elements here in Australia. Here’s our simple guide about the types of carports, their specific benefits, and how to choose the carport style that is best suited to your home, design preferences, needs, and budget.

Having an outdoor entertaining space is an incredible way to enhance your yard and home. But if you’re in the beginning stages of planning an outdoor space, I know it can be daunting to get started.

Just like decorating can turn your interior space from a house into a home, the right finishing touches can elevate your outdoor space. The best part? You don’t need to have a huge budget or a lot of time to decorate your patio and turn it into a stunning outdoor retreat. Whether you want to […]

Patios are an amazing way to add value and function to a home. Whether you want a fun entertaining space, a relaxing spot for outdoor dining, or a cosy reading corner, patios are amazingly versatile. Need a little inspiration for your patio? We’ve got 15 patio furniture ideas that are easy to incorporate, affordable, and […]


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Having an outdoor entertaining space

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